One of my favorite things to do is educating others and coaching them with advice on any areas of uncertainty that they may have when it comes to photography and/or videography.

As my business continues to grow, one of my biggest works that I have in my plan is to dive more into the teaching and mentoring side - and by that I don't mean just one-on-one mentoring, but rather on the global side of delivery in the form of multimedia. But I am not there yet, as I first have to become a much better speaker before pursuing this and unfortunately this barrier is a pretty big one that I need to overcome so it's going to take time.

So I came across a question on Facebook earlier from an individual who was inquiring about which lens to buy for photographing animals in an animal shelter, and one of the lenses that she was considering is a 50mm f1.4 lens and she has X amount to spend.

Here is the reply I provided her with. I know that as a reader that my reply may be too technical for some, however, I feel that there are many valuable pointers to pull from it, that would be helpful to others who are either new to photography and are learning, or they mainly take pictures of animals (*cough cough* their horses) or even both.

Click the image below to read my response.