When should I be booking my session with you?
The sooner the better as I book up in advance. Send me an email requesting my available dates and let me know which dates work for you.

When are you available?
Currently I am only available on weekends but this will eventually change. I am also available on statutory holidays, excluding Christmas Day.

How do I go about booking a session with you?
Send me an email.
Call or text: 403-383-0889
Send me a message on Facebook (Personal) or Facebook (Business)

For the most reliable source, I suggest touching base with me via email, text or phone. Once you choose a date, you will need to pay your specified booking fee deposit.

I will email you an invoice through Square (Visa/Mastercard) or you can send an email money transfer to Your booking fee deposit is credited 100% towards your session.

DARN! Something came up and I need to reschedule. How do I go about this?
Unfortunately, mother nature dictates our forecasts and what wonderful (and miserable) conditions it may bring us. I am constantly monitoring weather on a day to day (sometimes even more, yikes!) basis. I will provide a considerable amount of notice to my client if a booking needs to be rescheduled due to weather. 

If you decide to CANCEL services for what ever reason, please provide me with 7 DAYS notice, anything less and the booking fee deposit is non-refundable. No exceptions.

Should you need to RESCHEDULE for reasons other than bad weather, you may RESCHEDULE your appointment within the 7 DAY window to another date that is more convenient for you.


Why do I have a booking fee?
The purpose of my booking fee is to give me a sense of the number of serious inquiries that I receive and also to cover my time and mileage if I was to drive out to a location and have it be a no-show or a very last minute cancellation. It also makes it fair to new and existing clients wanting to book dates with me and not having them miss out due to cancelled or re-scheduled appointments.

My assistant’s time is just as valuable as mine is. I like to provide them with as much notice as I can when scheduling for their time, this includes cancellations and re-scheduled appointments.


Do we receive digital files and a Print Release form?
Yes. You will receive high-res images either attached in an email or from a direct download link (all depending on the quantity). You will have full printing rights, you just can't sell or modify them for commercial gain.
Please note: If printing at a retail service location, you will need to show a copy of your Print Release form.
You may also share your images on social media. I just ask that you give me credit. 


What is your copyright policy regarding your photos posted on your Facebook pages?
My policy regarding downloading and sharing my photos from my Facebook pages:

1) Any of my images posted on my Facebook pages may be downloaded and shared in it's original form.
2) My images must NOT be tampered, modified or sold in any form. 
3) You must purchase the photo if you are wanting to print from it. 


What gear do you use?
For photo: Nikon D500 (2 bodies)
Tokina 11-16 f2.8
Sigma ART 18-35 f1.8
Tamron G2 24-70 f2.8
Sigma ART 50 f1.4
Tamron G2 70-200 f2.8
Tamron 85 f1.8VC
Sigma ART 85 f1.4
Tamron G2 100-400
Nikon 200-500 f5.6

Additional gear includes:
StrobePro 60GN TTL Speedlight's with TCM wireless transmitter (2)
Manfrotto 502HD Video head tripod (2)
Mefoto Roadtrip Traveller Tripod
3 and 6 stop ND filters
3'x3' reflector
Hotshoe softbox
Hotshoe diffuser

For video:
Sony RX10 Mark 4 (2 bodies)
Sony A6500
Sony 18-105 f4
Zhiyun Crane V2 gimbal
Go Pro Hero 7 Black
Rode Video Mic Pro
Sennheiser G4 (2)
Zoom H5 audio recorder

Note: I have access to just about any current lens if the application calls for it.

Do you only photograph horses?
My primary focus is equine portraiture and equine shows. However, I also love photographing animals in general (just no insects please). It can even just be of you and your dog, your cat or even your pet pig. I don't care. Feel free to get in touch with me and we'll make something happen! 


Complete rundown: Equine Portraiture: Classic - Individual
Complete rundown: Equine Portraiture: Classic - Horse
Complete rundown: Equine Portraiture: Classic - Couple
Complete rundown: Equine Portraiture: Lifestyle
Complete rundown: Equine Portraiture: Cherish

What do I wear? (Portraiture sessions)
I always recommend wearing what you feel most comfortable in. Choose outfits that reflect your personality and flatter your shape. Do wear appropriate shoes for dealing with horses. Remember, one of my professional mobile Hair and Makeup Artists are always available to come to the location prior to your photo shoot when needed (additional costs do apply).

What's included in an equine shoot?
An equine photo shoot lasts anywhere from one hour to three hours (depending on which package you purchased - GREEN, SEASONED or COACH). During this time we will work through a variety of different poses and positions in hand and mounted (not essential, but they always look very nice, even if it's just stood still!) around your chosen location. You may also change outfits during this time! I then edit your photographs and display them in a gallery on my website, while you get high-res copies via digital download and by mail on a USB drive. 

Where should I have my photos taken?
Most commonly I photograph horses and their owners where the horse is kept. If you have another location in mind, such as woodland, along the river or horse friendly parks, I'd be more than happy to photograph there too!

Do you offer hair & makeup services?
Yes I do, please contact me for further details.

Mobile make-up diva: Jessica Dickson (Read her bio)
• Single make-up applications starting at just $65 plus mileage ($0.55/km once outside of Calgary).

Mobile hairstylist: Christina Kemp (Read her bio)
• a cut with styling starting at just $75 plus mileage ($0.55/km once outside of Calgary).
• Styling starting at just $65 plus mileage.

What if I own more than one horse?
If you are lucky enough to own more than one horse, I am happy to photograph you with them individually as a normal photo shoot. I can then photograph you with both/all of your horses. However, time with each horse will be less than if you were having an individual horse photographed, so that we can fit everything in our scheduled booking time duration.

Can my dogs, partner and children be in the photographs too?
Of course! Horses are part of the family so I am more than happy for other members to be included too! I'm very flexible in my approach to this. I'm happy to split the time between taking a few shots of you all as a family and then a couple with the animals after photographing the horse(s). Special requests can usually be accommodated for so please get in touch!

What happens if it rains or snows?
I always contact people a few days before their shoot to check if they have any last minute questions and to confirm contact numbers and locations. If the forecast doesn't look promising, I will contact you to see what you'd like to do: be it chancing the shoot or rescheduling for another day. If you turn up at the barn on the day of your shoot and your horse is lame/unwell please contact me at the earliest convenience you have and we can reschedule your shoot for another time.


Complete rundown: Equine Shows & Events

Do you work with a second shooter?
Normally, no. I take on all my projects solo. Depending on the size of the shoot, I may or may not have an assistant with me to help with tasks here and there.

If by any chance, you would like a second shooter, I have a network of great photographers that I would be happy to bring along if you so wish. Please talk to me about adding a second shooter to your package. Please provide me with advance notice. Pricing for the second shooter will be on their terms. 

I attended a show that you photographed at. How will I know when the photos are up and ready for public viewing?
I post them on both my personal and business Facebook pages, that includes a direct link to my website for better viewing and purchases through my online store.


Complete rundown: Equine Videography: Promotional Videos
Complete rundown: Equine Videography: Documentary Videos
Complete rundown: Equine Videography: RAW Videos

At what resolution do you render your videos?
I shoot in 4K at 100mbps and downscale to 1080P. Native 4K video that has been down scaled to 1080P will always look a bit sharper and cleaner than native 1080P content.

Unfortunately I am on slower internet bandwidth, can you mail me my finished video(s)?
Absolutely! Depending on the type of video content itself, majority of the file sizes for video are enormous. Your videos (and all supporting files - for example: bought soundtracks and images) can be put onto a USB drive and mailed to your home or work address. There will be a $10 fee for shipping and the USB drive. *Please provide me with advance notice if you would like your photos mailed out to you.*

I need a soundtrack for my video, are you able to do this for me?
Yes! When sitting down with me to discuss your goals for your video(s), the option of you needing a soundtrack will listed on the "Creative Brief" that you will need to fill out well prior to your scheduled booking. I have access online to a large and diverse collection of soundtracks that are available for purchase. Obviously, you are responsible for the additional cost of the soundtrack. The total purchase amount will be added onto your final invoice. Prices for soundtracks can range anywhere from $15.00CDN to $100.00CDN. 

You are also more than welcome to shop for your soundtrack and send it to me. 


Complete rundown: Equine Photography: Commercial

What can I do with my images with a commercial license?
With a commercial license, you can use my images in the following ways:
1) On your website
2) Advertising and marketing materials (brochures, business cards, posters, 4x6 prints, postcards, electronic newsletters, etc).
3) Canvas and paper prints (additional rates do apply - see Equine Wall Art or Equine Digital Photos for more info).

How is commercial photography different from consumer photography?
It simply comes down to the “use” of the images.

Consumer Photography, the client:
1) Pays a session fee.
2) Receives photos after the photo shoot and editing has been done.
3) Received photos can only be shared for personal use within their family and not used or represented commercially.
4) Buys Equine Wall Art or larger sized digital’s to have the ability to print in larger sizes themselves.

Commercial Photography, the client:
1) Pays a session fee.
2) Receives photos after the photo shoot and editing has been done.
3) All photos can be used on their website for commercial use and profit gain.
4) All photos can be used for advertising and marketing materials (brochures, business cards, posters, 12x18 prints, postcards, electronic newsletters, etc).

Who owns the copyright to the photos taken in the photo shoot?
I do. A commercial license to the images does not mean a change of ownership of the photographs. Per Canada copyright laws, each image’s copyrights belongs to me. All of this is also stated in the Commercial License Release Form that you will be required (or have) signed.


How will I receive my photos when they are completed?
You will receive an email with either your photos attached or a direct link for you to download your photos. If you prefer to have the photos mailed to you I can do that. Photos will be put onto a USB drive and mailed to your home or work address. There will be a $10 fee for shipping and the USB drive. *Please provide me with advance notice if you would like your photos mailed out to you.*

What size are my finished images going to be in?
4 x 6. Additional sizes (digital) of 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 can be purchased through my online store.
Additional sizes (wall art) of 8 x 10, 12 x 18, 20 x 30, 24 x 36, 30 x 45, 40 x 60, 6 x 15, 12 x 30 and 20 x 40 can be be purchased through my online store.

Can I share my photos on Facebook and through my other social media channels?
Yes and in fact I encourage you to! I just ask that you give credit to my name. Thank you in advance!

What is your copyright policy regarding your photos posted on your Facebook pages?
My policy regarding downloading and sharing my photos from my Facebook pages:

1) Any of my images posted on my Facebook pages may be downloaded and shared n it's original form.
2) My images must NOT be tampered, modified or sold in any form. 
3) You must purchase the photo if you are wanting to print from it. 

What's your policy in terms of watermarking? Will the photos that I receive have a watermark on them?
All of my photos on this website have both a watermark and signature stamped on them. Your photos that you will receive will NOT have a watermark or signature on them.

What image size offerings do you offer in your online store?
4 x 6”
5 x 7”
8 x 10”

Equine Wall Art
8 x 10”
12 x 18”
20 x 30”
24 x 36”
30 x 45”
40 x 60”

Equine Wall Art - exclusive Horse Portrait sizes:
6 x 15”
12 x 30”
20 x 40”

What are your prices for photos?
Per photo prices for digital, click HERE.
Per photo prices for Wall Art, click HERE.

These prices are also listed in my online store and factor in transaction fees through PayPal and Square invoicing.

Remember that 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Buzz Acres Equine Rescue (North Carolina) and Elysian Acres Equine Rescue (Kentucky) to help rescue horses in need from kill pens and auctions across the U.S.  
Every dollar counts and this is an area where I want to make a difference!


I just discovered your website but have not had my photos taken by you. Some of your photos I would like to purchase the license for. Can I do this?
Yes absolutely! All of my photos (excluding the ones found in the Equine Portraiture and Horse Shows & Events sections), that are shown and displayed on this website can be purchased by the public. Please visit my online store for this.

If I buy one of your photos, does that mean that I now own it?
No. When you purchase one of my photos, (like with any other photographer out there), you are purchasing a lifetime license to be able to use the image(s) for personal use (Social Media & Print). These images must NOT be tampered, modified or sold in any form. If you wish to print any images at a retail or print shop, my Print Release form must be shown to the print service provider. 

When purchasing a photo from my online store, you will immediately be prompted to fill out a Print Release Form. A purchase cannot be made without completion of this form. After your purchase has been made, a copy of your Print Release Form(s) will be emailed to you at the same time as your purchased photos (within 48 hours).


What are the ways to purchase your Equine Wall Art?
You can purchase my Equine Wall Art through my online store. First click HERE to choose the image(s) that you would like. You may also contact me directly to order or go through your order - phone 403-383-0889 or email.

What pictures are available to be ordered in Equine Wall Art?
Just about all of my pictures can be ordered in Equine Wall Art. Any portfolio page that has a quick link to the online store means it’s available for sale and therefore can be purchased in Equine Wall Art. Click HERE to go through my portfolio.

How long does it take for me to receive my Equine Wall Art?
Turnaround time is 5 to 8 business days shipped from the time of receiving your order.


How do I sign up for a workshop?
You may sign up by reserving your spot through my online store. For each workshop listed, there will be a direct link to sign up through my online store. You will receive an automatic email confirmation shortly after your transaction has completed.

You may also contact me directly to order, or by phone 403-383-0889 or email.

Is there a requirement in having to take all 6 themes for your workshops?
Absolutely not. The themes are primarily there to let everyone choose what their subject preference is for photographing and to attend the workshops made specifically for that theme and of course to become more knowledgeable in.

Do you supply lunches for your workshops?
No I do not. Everyone attending the workshops is responsible for packing and bringing their own lunch and drinks.

Will I have opportunities to ask questions during the workshop?
You bet you will! Everyone will have plenty of opportunities to ask any questions they have to address any concerns that they may have. There is also a Q&A session near the end of every workshop, this is a wonderful time to ask questions. Once the workshop is over, everyone is more than welcome to send questions my way through email.

Do we get one-on-one time throughout the workshop?
Yes, everyone gets one-on-one time. This allows me to teach with more focused learning, while providing more private feedback for every individual.

I only have a smartphone as my camera, can I still attend your workshops?
Yes you bet! You do not need a DSLR or mirrorless camera to attend my workshops, I just suggest it as you will get a more real hands-on experience but that doesn’t mean that you still won’t learn a lot from learning with your smartphone.


How do your gift vouchers for friends and family members work?
Simply contact me by phone, email or by clicking HERE to inform me that you would like to purchase a gift voucher for a friend or family member. Vouchers are purchased by the number of lessons that you would like to purchase.

Vouchers can also be purchased in my online store by clicking HERE.

Note: Each lesson is a minimum of 2 hours.  

Vouchers need to be paid in full at the time of ordering.
I accept the following:
•    Cash
•    Email Money Transfer (please send to:
•    Visa & Mastercard (when purchasing through my online store).
•    PayPal (2.99% will be added to your total bill to cover PayPal fees) [Please send to:]

I will then be in touch with you to book a time and date for when the recipient of the voucher would like to book their lesson with me. 

I’m just starting out and know nothing about photography. Is this right for me?

Absolutely. I can help you find your next camera (or even your first one) and teach you exactly how to use it. I will teach you the in’s and out’s of how to fully operate your camera so you will not miss another moment in your life.

I’ve been doing photography/filmmaking for a while, but want to learn more. Will you be able help?

Yes! I will be able to teach you new techniques you’ve never heard of so you can finally move forward with your skills.

I’m looking for editing help rather than help with photography. Are you able to help with that?

I certainly can help with editing. I will show you how you can edit your photos to really make them stand out and help you find your own unique editing style.

Why are my lessons a minimum of two hours?

I feel that one hour is a bit tight as you just barely scratch the surface within that time frame. Two hours is much more reasonable to maximize your learning in each lesson.

Do these gift vouchers expire?

No, they do not expire.

I would like lessons but I am too far from Calgary, Alberta. How can we still do this?

We would do our lessons via Skype, Zoom or telephone.


Do your gift vouchers have an expiry date?
No they do NOT have an expiry date.

What can your gift vouchers be used on?
They can be used on any current product or service that I offer.

What denomination’s do your vouchers come in?
$25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $1500, $2000 and $2500.

How do I receive my gift voucher?
When purchased online, you be will be asked to fill out your info as well as the recipients info and they are sent out through email.

How do I purchase a gift voucher?
Through my ONLINE STORE by clicking HERE.


How much time do you need to set up when showing up at the location?
For photo, I like to show up 30 minutes prior to our scheduled booking time. This allows me to get familiar with the environment, lighting conditions, and number of shooting scenarios we have available. It's also a great time for me to sit down with you and listen to any ideas that you may have in mind.

For video, I like to show up 45-60 minutes prior to our scheduled booking time. Just like with photo, this allows me to get settled in to the environment, but also extra time is needed to set up lighting equipment and a microphone.

Do you provide prints?
Unfortunately I do not. However, I can provide you with some wonderful vendors in town offering print services at very reasonable costs.


I want to learn how to take good photos of my horses, what's the best way to learn photography?
Check out my answer HERE.


What Social Media channels can I add you or follow you on?
Thank you for your interest in following me, it is my pleasure! I use:

•    Facebook Personal and Facebook Business
•    Instagram
•    Pinterest

Links are also at the very bottom of this page.


How long have I been photographing horses for?
Not very long at all! I took my very first photo of a horse (which happened to be my own) with my smartphone back in June of 2015 and then I went a full year before I started taking casual pictures of horses with my camera. At this time, taking pictures of horses was almost an after thought to me, not because I didn't enjoy doing it but rather it was just too unfamiliar to me and I was so preoccupied with other happenings going on in my life.

I would take fun pictures here and there anywhere from once a month to once every couple months, but I only shared them with a few friends. I did endless amounts of reading on how exactly to photograph these animals, as well I had to learn the conformation of a horse and how they can (and most importantly should) be photographed.

At this stage, I was also becoming a much more knowledgeable horseman in learning their language, personalities and how they communicate with each other. It just so happens that it was during the same time when I was auditing various types of Equine Shows & Events across Southern Alberta - mainly Gymkhana, Horsemanship, Cowboy Challenge, Barrel Racing, Western Pleasure, Liberty, some jumping, some Cart Driving for my own pleasure. I spent a lot of my time at clinics and listening in on lectures.

As a spectator I did shoot one show from the stands, 200 ft away from the horses and their riders. I experimented, had fun and thought to myself, hey I will have to try this again sometime!

This (and the overwhelming support from many others) eventually led to educating myself on knowing what to capture and ultimately knowing what sells. There was a good learning curve for me mainly because photographing horses is significantly different than where my experience comes from, this included me having to adjust my style from an artist's point of view to cater to what the audience wants.

Taking a photo in your style is great but it's useless if it's not in the form of what the audience wants. This is where I had to really adapt. Again, my background from many years ago was shooting portraits of people in a studio, corporate headshots and covering a handful of friend's weddings - not horses, or even anything horse related. So it's quite the change once you bring in a 1000+ lb animal into the picture especially when they have their own language.

Approximately summer of 2016 was when I found my passion for photographing these beautiful animals but the idea of doing it professionally still never crossed my mind. Why? I felt that my lack of experience was going to be my biggest downfall and that I was too late to join the party. 

One thing that I know in the photographic (and video as well) industry is that experience is huge! It is king! It is THE one thing that everyone looks for in a photographer (and videographer). I felt that my just over a year of experience in photographing horses and the same goes for auditing Equine Shows & Events was just not enough to even consider doing this on a professional level. 

I was constantly told that I was not ready. I lacked the experience. I needed to read more, audit more, observe more, learn more from others, educate myself more and then in a few years I could reconsider, but to not even consider it at this time because I would fail. Well I agreed that I lacked the experience but I disagreed in that I wasn't ready. If i wasn't ready then I knew that I was very close and that I was willing to do whatever it took to get me there.

However, with all that being said, as the days, weeks and months went on I still knew deep down that I had skill sets that I could market to the Equestrian world right now - I just had to get better, so in the spring of 2017 was when I started shooting horses more seriously and more frequently. My initial goal was to see how quickly and how well I could progress throughout the course of the year, and then re-visit the idea of doing this professionally down the road.

My photos started selling in Fall of 2017 and that was when I decided to take things on from a professional business sense. Even with that being said, it was not an overnight decision, it took a lot of careful planning and decision making to make the call in launching my services at the time that I did.

Don't get me wrong, even though I see myself as an educator to others teaching them and sharing my knowledge on Photography and Videography, I still very much consider myself as a learner in the Equestrian world. Like I have mentioned, horses teach you something new every time you are out and I just keep implementing the building blocks for next time.


How exactly did I get into horses? 
A past relationship that I was in. She had 2 horses and during this time, I had always shown and had a steadily increasing curiosity and interest for horses, I just knew nothing about them. When I mean nothing, I really do mean nothing. I had no idea what a mare was and I had no idea what a gelding was. I was completely lost when I would hear the term "hands." 

She would spend a lot of time with her two horses but (aside from a couple times), she wouldn't really let me visit them or see what she does with them. She would always tell me how amazing her horses were and how much they meant to her but never let me do much more - it was frustrating. She would always propose ideas in terms of me coming with her to see her horses but it would NEVER happen. Ever. Empty promises. It was incredibly frustrating.

I've only gone with her to see and visit her horses a couple times and I immediately knew right from the very first visit that I had a passion for horses. I had a tingle inside me, a sense of excitement that I haven't had in many years, perhaps a decade. It's not a feeling that we as humans experience often - if anything, perhaps only a few times in our lives. 

I would always ask her questions about her horses and she knew that I was very curious about them but what she didn't know was that my growing passion for horses was for real and that I had my goal set of eventually one day buying one of my own.

So when we parted ways, something didn't feel right, and I'm not referring to the feelings after being with someone. Even though I never had the chance to spend much time with her horses, I had a big black empty hole inside me because the one person that I knew and would talk to everyday about her horses and horses in general was no longer a part of my life. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my passion for horses was for real and that it just wasn't a temporary interest that would fade weeks or months later. 

I didn't know if it was even possible for me to be around horses ever again because I didn't know a single person who loved horses and lived in the same city. I have many horse friends but unfortunately they all live in the U.S and other parts of Alberta. So because of my lack of contacts, I was stuck in a rut for many many months. 

Eventually life carried on as usual, life got in the way, yada, yada, yada. I went back to my daily life, yet I always had horses on the back of my mind. It was a deep curiosity that I had, I just didn't know how to peruse it.

Roughly around November of 2014, I was just sitting at home one day during my vacation week, completely bored out of my mind, realizing that the hobbies that I was once very much into for the past seven years, I have lost complete interest in and that my passion for horses was still burning inside me. I knew I had to do something about it. We all hit a point in our lives where we change, we lose interest in hobbies, sports, etc, because new ones come into our lives. This is exactly what I was going through, a huge shift in my life that would change my life forever.

As much as I wanted to be around horses, I just didn't know how to go about finding opportunities to allow me to do so, so life again would carry on until Christmas. Well here I was once again on my Christmas break with no desire in past hobbies. I would watch endless horses videos on YouTube just to get some sort of satisfaction. But at the end of the day, I just wanted to be around horses. Plain and simple. 

So after the new year going into 2015 was when I started looking up all the barns and stables that I could find and contacted them left, right and center. I would explain my situation and offered to do barn chores in exchange for lessons and just having the opportunity to be around horses. I immediately jumped on the very first offer that came in - a huge English stable that homed over 75 jumping and show horses an hour away from home. I remember the day prior, setting up my appointment to be there and that night I could not sleep due to too much excitement built up inside me. 

The following morning, showing up at the barn at 7am sharp on a very cold winter Saturday morning to start with morning feed, almost brought tears of joy to my eyes because I was so happy to be given the opportunity to be around horses again. The second that I heard the nickers from the many stalled horses as soon as that barn door opened, I immediately knew that this was where my heart was at. I knew that my passion for horses was here to stay.

So for the next 8 weeks I was out there every Saturday and Sunday for 12 hours a day mucking stalls, mucking paddocks, turning out and bringing in horses, feeding, and doing just about any other barn chore that you can think of. I would be on the road by 6am to arrive for the start of morning feed at 7am and finish the day with a one hour riding lesson. Well unfortunately I could not carry on because the stable did not have liability insurance for volunteers if they were to ever get injured so we had to end things there. I was so incredibly bummed out and discouraged when this happened.

The next thing you know, I am back to where I once was. The following weekend felt so awkward not being at the barn doing chores. I was so determined to get me back to a barn, so this was when I got in touch with my horsey friends again and they suggested (with my situation) that I am far better off doing paid lessons with a trainer than mucking stalls for 15 hours every weekend for a couple lessons. So here I am again back to the drawing board but this time I'm looking up trainers. I found a great trainer who (was still quite a ways from home) I ended up doing weekly lessons with for two months, leading into Easter long weekend.

It was great to be around horses again! This was where I got to ride a 17hh horse and experienced being on the lunge line for the very first time. If you know me then you know that I do not like heights, in fact I am terrified of them. Being thrown onto a 17hh horse was pretty nerve racking for me haha. All I remembered was bounce..bounce..bounce..bounce and that I was going round and round in circles haha. 

After a couple months of lessons with this trainer, I wanted more! I wanted to be around horses more than just one day a week. I was so happy and thrilled that I was willing to do anything to explore more and bigger opportunities. So I contacted more barns and more would reply back to me, but it took some time so in the meantime I spent six weeks at a Therapeutic riding center for kids. There is no better feeling in the world than watching children getting on a horse and seeing the smile on their faces, having their fears, worries and everyday struggles immediately vanish. 

I eventually ended up volunteering at another large barn in exchange for doing barn chores again. So I did chores, harrowed the arenas, filled the waterers, mucked paddocks, fed the horses every single night for the next four months, didn't miss a single day in those four months! Would take my barn clothes to work everyday, change and head off to the barn straight from work. I was having the time of my life! I was so busy at this place that not long after I ended up discontinuing lessons with my trainer who I have been seeing at the time and I no longer had time to make it out to the Therapeutic riding center.

I ended up buying my mare exactly one month after joining this stable. One month. I knew that I wanted a horse of my own, I just wasn't expecting to buy one so soon. I am a risk taker (because life would be boring if we don't take risks!) and this was one that I was willing to take. 

It just so happens while at work on a Monday morning, I, for some odd reason was browsing horses for sale in local ads. I wasn't shopping, just browsing. Not long after I spotted the mare that I ended up buying. 

Her ad immediately caught my attention because she has the same interests that I have - cowboy challenge, obstacles, trails, etc. She was also a smaller pony, which is what I prefer to ride from my short experience riding 14, 15, 16, and 17hh horses. The seller was also not terribly far from home and next thing you know I am driving out to see her that same night. 

I remember driving out to the premises that night repeatedly telling myself how crazy of a thing I was doing, what business do I have looking at a horse for sale, I am in no shape or form ready to own one of my own.

Turns out, a few days later I pay another visit to this same mare alongside a vet. Exactly a week later, I have officially bought my first horse. 

What?! Are you crazy?! You bought a horse when you still know very little about them?! 

I was constantly being reminded that green + green often results in black and blue.

Yet despite all the people doubting me, I was so incredibly determined to make this work, and if you know me, you will know that I get that much more motivated when I have people doubting me.

So this was when I started reading horse books. Book after book after book. Video after video after video. Everyday, every night, every spare moment of my days would be spent educating myself on these animals. Then I started attending horse shows, clinics and lectures.

I was totally not expecting to buying my first horse so soon but like the saying goes "We buy things when we least expect it" LOL. This day was when my life changed forever. No life, too busy with the horses!