"Visual imagery professional who specializes in capturing the essence of equines and the partnership between horses and humans in the form of pictures and videos. Interested in learning more?"


You are an Equine lover and you are here because you want to capture the special bond between either you and your horse(s) or a group of horses and their human leaders in an artistic but forever remembered experience. 

Let me introduce myself: I am Steven Quon and I specialize in horse photography and equine videography in Alberta. As an equestrian photographer and videographer, I am here for one reason: to give forever memories and life experiences that last a lifetime. 

My purpose is to portray the connection that you and others have with their horse(s), whether it's through the power of photo or through the power of video, I will give everyone an experience that they will cherish for a lifetime. As a horse lover and owner, this is my promise to you.

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CLASSIC - WITH PEOPLE: Enjoy a professional equine portrait session with your beloved equine friend(s). I can shoot many different styles of photography using the natural light and the surrounding landscapes to create breathtaking photos of you and your horse that will last a lifetime.

I want your pictures to showcase your story. If you wish to bring costumes, family members and/or pets, please feel free to. Let's make this milestone a day you will never forget.  

If there is a specific theme that you would like to be used, discuss it with me prior to your booking time and I will execute it.

Flash may also be used depending on the situation and type of shot we are going for.

Professional mobile make-up services are also available by request (additional costs do apply). See below for more details. 

CLASSIC - JUST HORSES: Some of the best moments to capture are when horses are just being horses. Many Equine lovers and owners enjoy looking at pictures of horses but not everyone wants to necessarily be in them. If you are just wanting photos of your horse(s) and not have you included this is the perfect service!

Flash may also be used depending on the situation and type of shot we are going for.

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There is absolutely no debate that horses teach us all many MANY valuable things throughout our lives. They make us better listeners. They make us better people. They make us strive to reach new heights and accomplishments.

Finally, horses teach us their unspoken language. These moments are especially seen between a rider and their horse during equine shows and events.

I capture moments in their most organic form at the following equine events:

•    Thoroughbred Horse Racing
•    Harness Racing
•    Jumping Competitions
•    Barrel Racing
•    Gymkhana
•    Skijoring
•    Cutting, Fencing and Sorting
•    Western and English Pleasure
•    Driving Classes
•    Horsemanship
...and in the near future.

•    Cowboy Challenges
•    Dressage
•    Liberty Training

Inquiring about the "Snap & Go" mini-portraiture sessions? Click HERE for more info.

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Video has never been more powerful and effective as it is today with social media, vlogging and live streaming being the top forms of video.

Video marketing is here and it isn't going anywhere. It is exploding in popularity and with good reason. We now live in a world where people are visual more than anything else.

Because video allows you to demonstrate your products or ideas, people will be able to trust you more easily, view your business with more credibility, and perceive your product as being more valuable. Video marketing will also effectively establish you an expert in the eyes of your audience. There is nothing more effective to expand your customer base as a well-put-together video.

No matter what your business is, video marketing is the most powerful way to tell your stories.

Let me know what your ultimate goal is, what you would like to achieve and I will make sure the end result is exactly what you were envisioning.

LIFESTYLE: The type of photo shoot where it goes beyond showing the world who you and your horse are by also telling your story in a real-life scenario. Lifestyle photography lies somewhere in between narrative photography on the one hand, and classic portraiture on the other hand. 

Flash may also be used depending on the situation and type of shot we are going for.


Hair and Makeup: A lovely optional service!

Mobile make-up diva: Jessica Dickson
• Make-up applications starting at just $65 plus (out of city) mileage.

Mobile hairstylist: Christina Kemp
• a cut with styling starting at just $75 plus (out of city) mileage.


Big Annoucement with Jonathan Field

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Private One-On-One Photography & Videography Lessons.

Getting you where you want to be... faster!

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Helping the ones in need.

Every dollar counts and this is an area where I love making a difference!


***5% of all proceeds for services, and 10% of all photos purchased through my online store, will be donated to Buzz Acres Equine Rescue (North Carolina) and Elysian Acres Equine Rescue (Kentucky) to help rescue horses in need from kill pens and auctions across the U.S.***

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Buzz Acres Equine Rescue
Elysian Acres Equine Rescue


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