Which print to bring to Dubai? So when I head to Dubai in less than 5 weeks from now, I have made the decision to bring ONE piece of Equine Wall Art with me, in 12x18" canvas framed, to showcase to their people. I would love to show United Arab's the diverse horse culture that is here in Alberta, here in Canada but that's going to be difficult to do with just one piece, so instead I would like to perhaps introduce something new and fresh to them - something they don't necessarily see all the time over there.

Ideally, I would love to bring three pieces of Equine wall art with me but there is only so much space in my check-in luggage. Just one of the small sacrifices when travelling, otherwise I would bring my 40x60" and 20x40" prints with me. I prefer to travel light and I am not wanting to bring a second check-in luggage, since I will already be having my camera bag and my backpack with my laptops with me.

It was difficult to choose but after many discussions with others over the past few weeks, I have concluded that the image that I bring over to showcase will be one of the following:

1) Alberta Wild Horses
2) Foals
3) Candid's of the groom at the Breeders' Cup.

So here is a shortlist of my images that I am considering. Which of these three subjects do you feel would be the most beneficial for me, as an Albertan, to introduce to their culture? And ultimately which of these 7 images you would choose?

I love them all but that groom photo would be money.
There will be a lot of curiosity and I am confident that any of these 3 subjects will nail it, but which one would do it the best?