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Ready to become a better photographer or videographer?

Taking a photography or filmmaking course is an excellent way to learn the art of photography and filmmaking, but an in-classroom course often falls short in providing one-on-one mentoring.

Private photography and videography lessons are for individuals who want to learn directly from the hands of a professional. By taking one-on-one lessons you are excelling your learning and gaining invaluable insight so you can:

•    Start your career as a photographer or videographer
•    Shoot and capture gorgeous imagery recreationally
•    Sell your media online
•    Build a name for yourself as a photographer or videographer

The world of photography and filmmaking can be overwhelming. There is an over abundance of information out there and, unfortunately, it's not all correct.

You could spend your time sifting through the vast amount of information, wondering whether what you’re learning is correct or not, or you can come straight to the source, saving yourself time (and headaches) and learn the proper techniques from the start!

For a few years, I have done private one-on-one tutoring for individuals and students who had a passion for photography or videography and wanted to pursue these crafts.

Still unsure? Be sure to check out my FAQ’s

Whatever your goals are, I will sit down with you and create a custom training plan to address those goals and help you achieve them. We’ll even discuss tips that you can’t find online and I’ll spill all the secret tricks that are used by industry pros.

Learning will be done at your own pace. You will be able to capture memories at the perfect moment with ease.

What You Receive With Private Lessons:

•    In person or private virtual tutoring via Zoom, Skype or telephone
•    The option to pick and choose your topics
•    24/7 support with all the questions you may have
•    FREE tech advice and expertise


Perhaps you are not very much into photography or videography but you know someone who is Ask about my gift vouchers which will allow you to book private sessions with me for a family member or friend. The same prices do apply. Click HERE to find out more or click HERE to purchase your gift vouchers directly from my online store.



I will help you get to where you want to be


One person:
Cost: $75.00/hour, minimum two hour booking.
First 75km of mileage is included (round trip). *Additional mileage is $1.00/km.*

Two people:
Cost: $125.00/hour, minimum two hour booking.
First 75km of mileage is included (round trip). *Additional mileage is $1.00/km.*


One person:
Cost: $75.00/hour, minimum two hour booking.
First 75km of mileage is included (round trip). *Additional mileage is $1.00/km.*

Two people:
Cost: $125.00/hour, minimum two hour booking.
First 75km of mileage is included (round trip). *Additional mileage is $1.00/km.*

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In order to guarantee a private lesson booking for a specific date, a 100% booking fee deposit (100% of the total cost) is due at time of booking, as well as any additional mileage if it applies. No exceptions. 

Payments can be made via Email Money Transfer, PayPal, Cash, Visa and Mastercard. No cheques. 
* If paying by PayPal, please add 2.99% to cover the PayPal fees.

Please send Email Money Transfers to and PayPal payments to

The purpose of my booking fee is to give me a sense of the number of serious inquiries that I receive and also to cover my time and mileage if I was to drive out to a location and have it be a no-show or a very last minute cancellation. 

Still have questions? Please visit the "Bookings" section in my F.A.Q by clicking HERE.



I live in the city of Calgary, Alberta and am available for travel around Southern Alberta. All sessions include the first 75km of travel. Any additional mileage is $1.00/km.

Want to cut costs on your mileage? Please send me an email or contact me through the contact form to find out when I will next be in your area.



I RESERVE THE RIGHT to cancel an appointment due to negative weather conditions that we believe would, 1) be a danger to the equipment; 2) be a danger to the photographer, including a danger in traveling either or both to and from the site of the location to be photographed; and/or 3) would result in photographs that would not be useful in adequately presenting the subject and location.

If you decide to CANCEL services for what ever reason, please provide me with 7 DAYS notice, anything less and the booking fee deposit is non-refundable. No exceptions.

You may RESCHEDULE your appointment within the 7 DAY window to another date that is more convenient for you.