Grant MacKinnon.jpg

“The greatest thing since sliced cheese! Everyone has heard the saying, “It’s the greatest thing since sliced”…(whatever you use) my wife always uses “sliced cheese”. Quite frankly this time she’s right. Steven is very talented and has a great eye for his craft. We also appreciate his thoroughness (if that’s even a word). He’s prompt, he follows through with his commitments and is honest when he tells you, “I just can’t make that date work”. Most artists are a bit crusty to be around on a good day, Quon has been a pleasure to be around…everytime. That must mean he loves what he’s doing! He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread with peanut butter and jelly.”

- Grant MacKinnon, MacKinnon Equine Services (Saskatoon, MB)

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"So appreciate that Steven spent time at Olds College taking photos of the jockey school students and the horses. I donated one of my OTTB's to the school 4 years ago. I am not able to see him too often so it was great having Steven share the photo which we will post on Thoroughbred Lastings Careers." 

- Hazel Bennett (Calgary, AB)

Chelsea Brown.jpg

"We had a blast practicing for our upcoming Skijor event, and we were so pleased to have the day captured by Steven! He was very interactive with us and was able to get such amazing shots of both horse and riders throughout the day. Was a pleasure to work with."

- Chelsea Brown (Priddis AB)

Dave Red.jpg

"We want to thank Steven for all of your work. The process was seamless from start to finish. 
The photographs are one of a kind and tell a real story. The story of a second chance given to the horses in our care. A story of hard work and happiness. We are thrilled.

Steven is a true professional and we highly recommend him for his talent. He will be our first choice in the future. Thank you for everything."

- Dave Dziedzic, Prairie Equine Rescue (Kathryn, AB)

Kirsty Bracken.jpg

"Steven is an awesome and patient photographer. His talents are exceptional. Sirus and I really enjoyed working with him." 

- Kirsty Bracken (Airdrie, AB)


Evelyn Sabrow.jpg

"It was a real pleasure meeting you Steven! You have captured Marc, myself and our horses beautifully and the photos show the bond we have with our horses. You brought an amazing repertoire of ideas with you that made it easy for us to understand and pose for.

We received the photos within a very short time which is sensational for impatient people like me! ;) 

We're very happy with your service, your easy way to communicate and your professionalism!"

Thank you!!

- Evelyn & Marc Sabraw (Acme AB)



"I love the photo that I picked out! It was clear and very good quality! Mr. Steven is very friendly and makes sure you get what you are looking for. He has the eye for photography that I wish I had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to have a photo shoot done or just to buy some photos!"

- Grace Strickland (Charlotte NC)


Karen Barker headshot _ edited.jpg

"I am so envious of people who have that ‘photographer’s eye’ that is needed to take good pictures. I do not have it. I had asked Steven to take some pictures of my horse and I outside on the grounds where I board. I posted one picture on my Facebook page and was inundated with compliments!

Steven was able to capture the joy of the moment and even a little something extra. When I look at the picture now I see my horse in a different light, a wild light, an independent light. While she is my horse and I am her partner, her stance and the look in her eye reminds me that she retains a wildness of her own and a yearning for freedom, which was apparent in the picture. It hearkens back to a time when her ancestors ran free. Thank you Steven for showing me another side of my horse."

- Karen Barker (Calgary, AB)

Nancy headshot.jpg

"Steven has great talent in being able to see beyond a setting and capturing a unique beauty and perspective of each subject."

Nancy Giesbrecht (Calgary, AB)


"You absolute star. Such amazing captures by you - a spectacular end result. I particularly like what you did with my conformation, me riding, etc, so creative you are Steven!"

- Kendra Hafton (Innisfail, AB) 


"Alex and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being such an amazing photographer on the weekend!!! You were so easy going and my mum was particularly grateful that you were so accommodating with all the photo requests!"

"Your willingness to trample through bushes was also admirable.
Thank you so, so much!"

- Erin Reinprecht (Nanton, AB)



"We received our absolutely AMAZING photos! They are fantastic and they are more than I could have dreamed of. You are such a great photographer and you captured such beautiful moments… I love all of them!"

- J.C. and J.L. (Indus, AB)



"I would just like to say thank you so much for all your work.
You did a superb job on the day, were really fun and easy to work with and so prompt with sending us the photos."

"I absolutely love them. My friends and family who have seen them so far have commented on how good your work is, so thanks again!"

- Micayla Johns (Langdon, AB)


Corey Leighton_100.jpg

“Capturing the beauty of the horse with an artistic talent remains a rare talent. With a sense of perfection and creativity, Steven possesses the ability to produce photographs of pleasing disposition.”

- Kori Leighton