"Nothing compares to the therapy a horse can give."

- John Lyons

Ready to capture the essence of your horse?


1) I show up on location 30 minutes prior to each booking. For example, if your booking is for 10:00AM, that means that I will show up at 9:30AM. I do this so that I can scout the location for the best spot(s) for us to work from and it gives me time to settle in. 

2) It is up to YOU to have your horse fully ready (caught, brought in to the barn, cleaned and groomed) and you to be in your full clothing attire before our set time. Your booking time is when we start TAKING PICTURES.

*Any additional time required for getting you and/or your horse ready will be billed at $20.00 per 15 minutes.* No exceptions.*


1 hour in an outdoor or indoor location
2 shooting locations on site
10 high-res digital images
First 75km of mileage is included (round trip). *Additional mileage is $1.00/km.*
Cost: $325.00


2 hours in an outdoor or indoor location
3 shooting locations on site
17 high-res digital images
First 75km of mileage is included (round trip). *Additional mileage is $1.00/km.*
Cost: $425.00


3 hours in an outdoor or indoor location
4 shooting locations on site
30 high-res digital images
First 75km of mileage is included (round trip). *Additional mileage is $1.00/km.*
Cost: $525.00

Got questions?


In order to guarantee a booking for a specific date, a $300.00 booking fee deposit is due at time of booking. This deposit will be applied to the price of your session, with the remaining balance due the day of your session. No exceptions. All additional mileage will be added onto the final invoice.

Payments can be made via Email Money Transfer, PayPal, Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay. No cheques. 

Please send Email Money Transfers to payments@stevenquon.com and PayPal payments to hello@stevenquon.com

The purpose of my booking fee is to give me a sense of the number of serious inquiries that I receive and also to cover my time and mileage if I was to drive out to a location and have it be a no-show or a very last minute cancellation. 

Still have questions? Please visit the "Bookings" section in my F.A.Q by clicking HERE.



I live in the city of Calgary, Alberta and am available for travel around Southern Alberta. All sessions include the first 75km of travel. Any additional mileage is $1.00/km.

Want to cut costs on your mileage? Please send me an email or contact me through the contact form to find out when I will next be in your area.



I RESERVE THE RIGHT to cancel an appointment due to negative weather conditions that we believe would, 1) be a danger to the equipment; 2) be a danger to the photographer, including a danger in traveling either or both to and from the site of the location to be photographed; and/or 3) would result in photographs that would not be useful in adequately presenting the subject and location.

If you decide to CANCEL services for what ever reason, please provide me with 7 DAYS notice, anything less and the booking fee deposit is non-refundable. No exceptions.

You may RESCHEDULE your appointment within the 7 DAY window to another date that is more convenient for you.